Website development

Our services

We offer a full range of work for the creation and promotion of sites.

Our main task is to make website creation accessible to everyone.
We are not a service for creating websites on a constructor, on the contrary, we use advanced CMS systems and programming languages.
And for promotion, we use the experience gained through examples and practice in social networks and search engines.

We develop and support simple sites on popular CMS systems, as well as complex web development on various php frameworks.

If a problem has happened to your sites, for example, a virus has appeared on the site or the site has ceased to be displayed correctly, then our specialists will help you return the site to a good state.

Our designers can develop any graphic content for you, from the development of a logo and corporate style to a complete website design and any symbolism for you and your business.

Internet marketing – promotion in social networks, advertising in Google Adwords / Facebook / Instargam / YouTube, SEO promotion.

Site types

All sites can be divided into categories, types and types. In our articles, we will offer a description of sites depending on the classification of sites by application, by type, by professional affiliation.
By creating such a classification, we try to help you make your choice easier.

Business website, landing page, one-page website

It is created to display clear information about a company, a craftsman, an entrepreneur with a description of all types of services, or aimed at performing a certain action by a person who visits the site. Such sites are from 1 to several pages.

Online store, site-catalog

This type of site involves the creation of a store on the Internet for subsequent trade in goods, virtual goods and services.
The online store provides a user registration system, the ability to place an order for a product, discount coupons and many other necessary functions.

Website for real estate

A website for a real estate agency is created as a catalog, but has a number of specific functions necessary for a real estate agency, such as registering agents, placing objects, printing forms, placing objects of “tourist rental” and so on.

Site with reservation systems (Booking)

Such sites are created for companies working in the field of real estate or car rental, as well as for travel companies, restaurants, as well as for any companies for which the reservation system on the site is important.

Dating site, social networks

Dating sites and social networks are created before another technology that allows users to register on the site, have their own account and communicate with their friends / select people through chats or in general groups.

Corporate site, site-portal

It is a sophisticated company portal that can host news, articles, vacancies, portfolios, catalogs and price lists. But that’s not all, a distinctive feature of sites of this type is different sections for clients, partners and ordinary visitors, as well as closed sections for different groups of employees (corporate forums, personal accounts,
admin panels with different access rights to information), etc.

Website for photographers, videographers, bloggers, news website

These types of sites allow you to upload information in the form of photo / video materials. May be equipped with a blogging system and comments. Or be created on a dedicated platform for online publications, such as a magazine or newspaper.

Advertising site

A special type of site for publishing ads, contains categories and filters. Created for the publication of fresh announcements of individuals and legal entities about the sale / purchase / rent / donation and other, goods and services of all categories. The easiest way to sell or buy things.

Individual projects

Each site is very individual and there are projects that cannot be attributed to one type or another – they are individual and certain resources are required to create them.
With many years of experience in site building, we can take on the implementation of any of your ideas!

Our sites are responsive, professional and unique!
More than 13 years of experience and about 700 successful projects!

Each site is equipped with a responsive design system – the site automatically adjusts to display on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
Depending on the chosen programming system, we can create hundreds of unique combinations and designs in an intuitive interface.
Existing content management systems are built in such a way that at any time you yourself or with the help of our support service can add the information you need or new products.
And the use of our service means saving a lot of time and effort, which you can confidently direct to the realization of your desires!