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We offer a full range of SEO works for website promotion.

Our main task is to make website creation accessible to everyone. 
We are not a service for creating websites on a constructor, on the contrary, we use advanced CMS systems and programming languages.
And for promotion, we use the experience gained through examples and practice in social networks and search engines.


We develop and support simple sites on popular CMS systems, as well as complex web development on various php frameworks. 

If a problem has happened to your sites, for example, a virus has appeared on the site or the site has ceased to be displayed correctly, then our specialists will help you return the site to a good state.

Our designers can develop any graphic content for you, from the development of a logo and corporate style to a complete website design and any symbolism for you and your business.

Internet marketing - promotion in social networks, advertising in Google Adwords / Facebook / Instargam / YouTube, SEO-promotion.



Before fully immersing ourselves in your project, we must first find out what your strengths are, what services and products you offer, and the needs of your target audience.

With this information, we will begin to develop a marketing strategy based on the positioning criteria selected to generate visits and redirect quality traffic to your website.


Formation of the SEO core, installation and configuration of parameters. Formation of "keys" for more accurate positioning of the site. SEO optimization.


Formation of the SEO core, installation and configuration of parameters. Formation of "keys" for more accurate positioning of the site. SEO optimization.

Domain + SSL

One of the important conditions is a correctly selected domain name and SSL certificate connection for the site

Page Authority

Increasing the level of indexing of the site, including the relevance of each of the pages that make up the site.

Research criteria

Based on the selected criteria, a content creation strategy is developed, as well as the creation of links / pages, which will increase the level of site indexing

Download speed test

Google values user experience more and more, which is why site load time is very important. Optimizing this parameter improves Google ranking positioning


Optimization of the strategy of backlinks and links generated from other sites, directories and forums (paid / free). It will also help improve the positioning of your site.

Internal links

Internal links are one of the important parameters affecting indexing. Optimizing internal links and sections to improve the indexing of your site

Duplicate content

The content of the site must be unique, both between its various sections and in relation to other sites. If Google detects duplicate content, then this leads to a decrease in the organic search results of the site.


Section titles are an important SEO element on a website. Section titles must be properly optimized and represent unique content

Meta description

Like titles, meta descriptions of various sections as well as products need to be optimized, including terms, keywords, synonyms, keywords

Indexing status

We analyze various URLs for sections of the Internet, as well as products that are indexed by Google, that is, listed in the search engine rankings

Content creation

Google approves sites that are updated periodically. We periodically create content for your web blog to improve positioning and add "keys" to improve indexing


Correcting redirects for correct indexing. Including SSL settings and redirects

404 errors

We review and fix 404 errors that may exist on the Internet. They usually happen because of pages that were published and ceased to be, but nevertheless, the URL is still indexed by Google, and when accessed indicates that it was not found, which worsens the indexing of the site

Google Analytics and Search Consol

We do the initial setup of Google Analytics and prepare monthly reports of web statistics, as well as the various channels from which they came. We also log the Internet to Google using the Search Console and constantly optimize the errors we find.


Creation of the Sitemap.xml file needed to get good positioning. This is a file that lists various URLs on the internet that we want Google to index and thus appear on the Google list


We form, amend the Robots.txt file, which allows us to manage various sections of the site, for indexing in Google, as well as general elements that have nothing to do with content on the Internet or that do not add value, and we need Google to stop indexing

Friendly URLs

We take care of validating and optimizing web addresses. To make positioning easier, URLs should be friendly, that is, they should not contain strange characters


We implement content and link creation strategies that help optimize your site for SEO. This SEO practice is about increasing your site's authority by linking to relevant topics. These links build a network of links to your site that optimizes the SEO domain authority.

Building links

One of the main digital marketing strategies is to create quality content with texts and images related to your sector's topic. Content marketing is one of the most important SEO factors.

SEO strategy and settings are reviewed during the service life and are introduced as needed to improve site positioning.


Our sites are responsive, professional and unique!
More than 13 years of experience and about 700 successful projects!

Each site is equipped with a responsive design system - the site automatically adjusts to display on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
Depending on the chosen programming system, we can create hundreds of unique combinations and designs in an intuitive interface.
Existing content management systems are built in such a way that at any time you yourself or with the help of our support service can add the information you need or new products.
And the use of our service saves a lot of time and effort, which you can confidently direct to the realization of your desires!