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We offer a full range of works for the creation and promotion of online stores.

Our main task is to make the creation of an online store accessible to everyone. 
We are not a service for creating websites on a constructor, on the contrary, we use advanced CMS systems and programming languages.
And for promotion, we use the experience gained through examples and practice in social networks and search engines.

We develop and support simple sites on popular CMS systems, as well as complex web development on various php frameworks. 

If a problem has happened to your sites, for example, a virus has appeared on the site or the site has ceased to be displayed correctly, then our specialists will help you return the site to a good state.

Our designers can develop any graphic content for you, from the development of a logo and corporate style to a complete website design and any symbolism for you and your business.

Internet marketing - promotion in social networks, advertising in Google Adwords / Facebook / Instargam / YouTube, SEO-promotion.

Online Stores

These are specialized sites for online sales on which a catalog of goods is placed, there is a virtual basket where you can put selected goods, and a mechanism for ordering and paying for it is implemented.

In addition to online stores, the most common are online catalogs, which can have all the functions of an online store, except for online sale.


What is the difference between an online store and a catalog site?

This type of site involves the creation of a store on the Internet for the subsequent trade in goods, virtual goods and services.
The online store provides a user registration system, the ability to place an order for a product, discount coupons and many other necessary functions.

Directory site with a simple structure

It can be called a corporate site. The solution includes:

1. An image of the product with its description and value.
2. Cataloging information in the form of categories and subcategories.
3. Not always, but there are pages for a separate product with a price and an image.

If we are talking about a simple catalog, then you can get an order using the feedback formula. The catalog of the classic type has much more possibilities. These include:

1. A product can be cataloged according to a variety of properties. By appointment or by manufacturer.
2. The ability to filter goods by properties or price, as well as by name.
3. An extended search for commercial products is possible.
4. Filtering of goods by certain samples.
5. Ability to compare goods for selected items.
6. Ability to choose related products.
7. Possibility of obtaining additional information about the product group.

The classic type catalog has a product evaluation service and a comment service.

A resource such as a website directory is essentially a selling tool. Add your shopping cart here and you have an online store. But the thing is that the online store contains not only the external side, but optimized business processes within the company. A complete online store (IM) includes the following components:

1. Personal account. All personal and payment information is located here, there is also a loyalty program and all information on product delivery in the account.
2. Linking electronic wallets and cards to your personal account.
3. Linking your account to delivery services.
4. Management of discounts and markups for products, formation of discounts upon reaching a certain amount of goods, creation of discount percentages.

5. Levers for integration with warehouse management and accounting systems.
6. Automation of document flow.
7. Services of statistics on orders and products.
8. Continuous development, continuous improvement. 

What to choose IM or catalog site

First of all, you need to determine for yourself: what you need to solve certain problems. It should be clearly understood where the corporate website ends and work in e-commerce begins. Look at the business model first. If the product is simple, then the process of forming an order can be shifted to IM. If the product is quite complex, for example, a cylinder block of an engine of a sea vessel, then you can get by with a catalog site in which the description plays an essential role.

If you have created an IM, and at the same time it is not entirely clear to have built the processes of selling goods, then your IM will be used as a simple catalog. It is necessary to focus on one point, and not to scatter attention.

Choose your online store

We offer a unique service: purchasing a ready-made online store.

The cost of an online store fully includes all the work on creating an online store, connecting payment systems and transport delivery.

We have also developed for your convenience 16 ready-made designs for CMS PrestaShop.
More details about the designs can be found here.

  • 3-7 main pages
  • 15 commodity items *
  • up to 10 blocks (About us, Services, Service, etc.)
  • Photo / Video gallery
  • 1 main language
  • Connection of payment systems
  • Delivery module configuration
  • Feedback form
  • reCapcha
  • Adaptive design
  • Social media buttons
  • Online chat
  • Corporate mail
  • Site registration in search engines

Price:  CMS WordPress Template - 390 €, Unique - 590 € 
CMS PrestaShop - 450 €
Framework - from 1500 €

* The first 15 items are included in the cost of making the site. All other headings are paid separately. The cost is calculated based on the quantity (16-100 positions - 1 € position, 101-500 positions - 0.70 €, 501-1500 positions - 0.40 €, over 1501 positions - 0.20 €).

Online calculator calculating the cost of the site

Additional services:

  • Language module with automatic translation into any number of languages 100 €
  • Individual translation of the site into an unlimited number of languages - the cost is calculated based on the number of characters.
  • Website optimization from 350 €
  • Caching tools from 100 €
  • Connection of Google Analitics, Google MyBusiness, Google Maps, etc. from 100 €
  • Site diagnostics:
    1. Fast (vulnerability check, update, password protection, database check) - 150 €;
    2. Full (full check for vulnerabilities, manual scan, check and clean the file system, update, delete old and unnecessary elements, remove problem solutions, change passwords, protect passwords, check for backdoor and fake accounts) - 250 €
  • Site protection:
    1st stage - 200 €
    2nd stage - 350 €
    3rd stage - 650 €
  • CEO optimization (description and prices) ⇒
You can also order the development of an individual design for your online store or choose a design from a store of ready-made templates. And to order fill out the brief or email us [email protected] by attaching a completed brief, which you can download here.

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