Online store development brief

In which regions do you provide your services / products?
What makes it different from the majority (peculiarities of interaction with suppliers and buyers, legal restrictions, special characteristics of goods, etc.)?
What results do you want to achieve with your new site?
Who is the assortment of the future online store focused on? For b2c: what are the socio-demographic characteristics (gender, age, income, education, lifestyle) of your target audience? For b2b: what is the specialization, size, geography of client companies?
What problems does the customer solve or what problems does the purchase of your goods cover?
What do you think the traffic sources will be in the early days and after? Where will the buyers come from, which sections of the site they will go to, by what principle they will select products, whether they will use search or filters, etc.
It is necessary to list direct competitors. If possible, describe their strengths and weaknesses, what you like about their online stores and what you don't.
Unique properties of goods, advantages of your offer in comparison with competitors, your USP.
Indicate the elements available - fonts, colors, symbols, etc.,
If so, what does not suit him, why was the decision to order a new one made?
Main sections of the product catalog
Depth of product catalog sections (no more than three levels of nesting is recommended)
Do you need to consider different categories of buyers?
Or is the cart enough for any unregistered visitor / customer?
Is mass mailing carried out to all users at the same time or in groups?
Do you want to integrate the system with your existing software or are you planning to integrate it in the future? If so, which ones?
Are there any preferences for the CMS you use?
Will you need the development of a mobile version of the site or adaptation for mobile devices (responsive design and layout)?
Is the content of the site required or will you do it yourself?